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The Seven Seasons

Die Sieben Jahreszeiten

Illustrations for Isabelle Van Groeningen’s wonderful book on gardening in Germany. Published by Insel/Suhrkamp in February 2022.

Available to purchase online.

Each painting takes you through Isabelle’s seven season philosophy on gardening.

Left, ‘Early Summer’, below, ‘Summer’.

Left, ‘April-June’; right, ‘Autumn’.

“This book is a wealth of knowledge... At times [Isabelle Van Groeningen]
puts it in a poetic way, so that all her deep love for garden art shines
through in the lines. [The] drawings as well as the illustrations ... make
this book a thoroughly tactile pleasure.”

Below: Clockwise from left, ‘Early Autumn’; ‘December - February’; Vignettes from the book; ‘December - February’.